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  1. Hi Sri
    How to read your other old novels here or we can read only ongoing novels?
    Because when I want to see the old published novels it doesnot open.

    • பிரேமா… இப்போதைக்கு ஆன்கோயிங் நாவல் மட்டுமே போடுகிறேன்… விரைவில் பழைய கதைகள் புத்தக வடிவில் பதிவிடுகிறேன்… இங்கே உங்களை கண்டதில் மிக்க மகிழ்ச்சி…

  2. hi srikala,
    i like ur novels………………

  3. very nice story

  4. full story PDF pannuga

  5. Hi man; I ‘m a new reader of your books.I cant download your books.plz help me how to download it

  6. I. Read penne ne mulla malar story. It was very nice And then I searched your other books. But I cant found it

  7. Kamini Selvarajan

    Hi Mam,

    all your stories are wonderful. I was following you on ladies wings and after the new site upgrade, unable to ready any of your updates. Wish you update your blog also with your latest stories. :) and to this ஊனாகி உயிராகி காதலாகி I am unable to open the pdf. please help!

  8. Hi i am new member this site how to read this plz help me

  9. Hi Sri naan scribd vantha unga Ella novalum padichen. I love the way of your writing. How to read it unpublished novels. All

  10. All the best Sri.

  11. Mam for me also having problem in sign up.many a time I tried. I could not mam.really I m big fan of ur novels.I don’t like what to do

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